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Supporting Public Radio Is Smart Marketing

"Simply by underwriting on VPR, you connect in a very different way. We get comments from our guests all the time who thank us for supporting VPR. It's just smart marketing, but marketing that feels very good."

Jed Davis, The Farmhouse Group

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Why Be An Underwriter?

Underwriting on VPR connects you with a growing, statewide audience of more than 200,000 listeners and 100,000 unique monthly visitors to

You reach an audience that is better educated and more engaged in their communities. They have higher household incomes and are more active than the general population.

Your support of Vermont's trusted, independent source for news and entertainment is appreciated. Public Radio listeners perceive businesses that underwrite as more credible and are 88% more likely to buy products or services from companies that support public radio than from one that advertises commercially.

For more information on underwriting opportunities, contact the VPR Underwriting Team.

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